Unlike other companies on our lineup, managing pay per click campaigns is all JumpFly does. A full service online marketing company often offers other services like web design and SEO management. But JumpFly's PPC-focused mission has fostered years of experience performing a very specific task. Instead of supplying a range of services, all the effort and training of JumpFly employees go directly to PPC management.

JumpFly offers packages for Full Service and agencies. The Full Service plan is designed for businesses with budgets above the $1,500 mark, while the Agency Solutions plan caters to a wider range of budgets. JumpFly can accommodate your company with rates from $500 to $100,000 a month across Google, Bing and Facebook PPC platforms. Associations, web hosting companies, e-commerce groups and other online and offline marketing agencies will benefit most from this plan. This company does charge a one-time startup fee that is almost double the monthly fee, regardless of which service plan you choose. But while the fee is heavy, JumpFly carefully explains where this startup fee applies in your services.

Because JumpFly is solely a PPC management company, years of experience have refined and developed this company's process. Like all of the best pay per click management companies, JumpFly takes the time to listen to you and the goals you want to reach through a pay per click campaign. JumpFly conducts a full website review and performs an analysis of any PPC history your company has. Once JumpFly has this information, the next step is to set initial expectations and goals so you know exactly what your PPC campaign will accomplish. The company then provides ongoing consulting through the duration of your PPC campaign.

JumpFly can design and build a PPC campaign with search, display, remarketing, product listing, overhead and display banners. JumpFly also focuses on the keywords that lead users to your advertisements. This company can build and implement negative keywords, as well as categorize, match and develop key terms and phrases to use on major search engines like Google and Bing.

The Full Service plan includes professionally written ad copy, performance analysis reports, continued conversion tracking, fraud and strange event monitoring and geographically targeted ads, an especially great service for small and local businesses.

Regardless of your advertising budget, JumpFly charges on a month-to-month basis, so you can cancel your service whenever you want. Because JumpFly doesn't require contracts, this company is a good fit for budget-conscience business owners.

Among the pay per click management companies we reviewed, JumpFly scores high for transparency because it includes both positive and negative testimonials and viewable case studies on its website. The ability to view these pay per click case studies is extremely helpful when you're making a decision about whether this company is the right fit for you. Reporting and analytics from this company also give it a boost in this category. Reports cover data on month-by-month comparisons using easy-to-understand graphs with information about keyword and text ad success.

JumpFly has been in the PPC management business since 1998, so it's had plenty of time to perfect the process. This company holds a 100-percent rating on, Google and Bing certification. The company boasts over 400 active clients and a 98-percent retention rate of those customers.

JumpFly, Inc. Summary:

JumpFly presents itself as an enthusiastic and dedicated PPC management company. You'll get regularly scheduled and easy-to-follow reports, regardless of your company's advertising budget. Its strict focus on only PPC services means JumpFly misses the mark on other services like providing rich media ads, but it still provides effective pay per click management for companies of all sizes.

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JumpFly, Inc.

JumpFly offers excellent customer service and is refreshingly transparent about fees and costs.

There is a steep setup cost, regardless of what type of plan you choose.

The Verdict:

JumpFly is experienced in managing all things PPC. This company has a long track record of satisfied clients and successful campaigns. While its pricing and services may vary from business to business, JumpFly consistently boosts traffic with its methods.